Bell Shakespeare’s The School For Wives opened last week and from the audience response and reviews to date its going to be a spectacular end to its national tour. I for one thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, but don’t take my word for it, get there and see for yourself before it closes at the end of the month!BellShakespeare_TheSchoolForWives_Production_Warrnambool_222_lowres


a lesson in being a good wife? I think not
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IMG_1051Working with Performance Space has exposed me up to some incredible artists and groups. One such was award-winning Brown Council who performed in the Halls For Hire Season (28 August-1 September). Their work was titled Mass Action: 137 cakes in 90 hours and was a performative bake-off and test of endurance between the four members of Brown Council, as they attempted to cook every recipe in the iconic CWA cookbook Jam Drops and Marble Cakes. Their motivation and message was to push the domestic task of baking into a grotesque spectacle of extreme proportions. Paying tribute to CWA’s 90-year history dedicated to the empowerment of women, this monumental feat explored culturally embedded notions of ‘women’s work’ and the importance of intergenerational dialogue. The girls were a joy to work with, agreeing to interviews and photo-shoots right the way through the 90 hours. And the result -  four girls covered in flour, sugar and who knows what else, a room filled with cakes, scones, biscuits and breads and media coverage across ABC TV, SMH, The Daily Tele, ABC Radio 702 & Statewide, The Land, Alternative Media, Two Thousand, The Brag… the list goes on.

137 cakes in 90 hours, Brown Council takes on CWA
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1206_Culminate_ Byron PerryLast week I started working the Performance Space on their up-coming season, SHOW ON, starting 25 July 2012. Yep a month until opening night, so pressure is on, but we have all the right ingredients for a great season. And with six performances, from a range of Companies, showcasing works centered around audience participation, i reckon it’s going be a fun few weeks.
Image: Culminate, Force Majure 2012 © Byron Perry.

Performance Space present SHOW ON
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12.04.14_FionaWolfShoot8I had such fun assisting photographer Fiona Wolf on Saturday. She was shooting Andrew O’Keefe and his family for an exhibition, See Jane Run, a new photographic project exploring gender roles, beauty ideals and body image. Andrew’s charity White Ribbon Foundation will receive all donations from the show sales.

assisting wolfwerk
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Slider_Xavier&Me_HotSpringsRugOne of my clients, XAVIER&Me have just release a new line of custom-made wool floor rugs. Designer, Ellie Bradley, asked if I’d be interested in shooting the range for her. We were so lucky to find a sunny day and had such fun styling up the space with her divine rugs. We even got little Xavier involved. For more news on these rugs visit:

Designer rug photoshoot
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OA BearWhat a treat it was to again work with Opera Australia, this time announcing their 2012 Brisbane season. The Company will be taking two very special productions to sunny Queensland; my all-time favourite opera,  Baz Lurhmann’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with the hilarious Conal Coad, and The Met’s The Magic Flute, with the spectacular puppets (see above polar bear) and a star-studded cast and crew.

Opera Australia announce Brisbane season
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The last couple of months I’ve been busy working with the Sydney Opera House crew on the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s concerts, October 2010. Such a great team of people to work with, especially Yarmila Alfonzetti (far right) who kept me sane following the zillion emails it took to secure interviews and photo-shoots. The result = roaring success for all involved.
Image (taken by Prue Upton) left-right: Richard Evans, Christoph Eschenbach, Yarmila Alfonzetti.

Vienna Philharmonic arrive in Sydney
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ABC 7:30 Report talk to Australian World Orchestra
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They chose the shot the Glacial Fretwork cushion, in Duck Egg Blue, for this modern day living room. Doesn’t it look lovely!

Women’s Weekly features Xavier&Me
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Slider_MDCSuiteSynergy_©Keith_SaundersIt was with great excitement that Mod Dance Company opened in Sydney, with all the makings of a great show and season. I secured TV coverage, all the major metro papers and all reviews praised the show and dancers. For me it fulfilled a lifelong dream of working with Graeme Murphy, something I will always treasure.
Image: Mod Dance Company. Photo: Keith Saunders

Mod Dance Company take to the Sydney stage
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PICEDITOR-CNTI have just wrapped a day of filming with ABC TV Art Nation. they’re doing a story on photo-artist Samantha Everton, and what a day it was! Melbourne supplied us with the most magic weather as Sam rode her bike through the streets of Melbourne and shopped in vintage shops . We even filmed at a taxidermist! Stay tuned for the airing date. Should make for a great story.

ABC Art Nation filming day
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10.12_NYELast week I celebrated my first ‘official’ year as a company. It’s hard to believe as it’s flown by in the blink of eye, but it’s been a year of great experiences. I was blessed to work with a whole host of amazing clients, artists, media and PR bodies, and even moved into my new office in Crows Nest. Having seen just about every inch of the Opera House this year, I felt there was no better way to see in the New Year than watching Opera Australia’s crème de la crème lighting up the Sydney Opera House stage, ahead of the grand finale of fireworks at midnight. It was truly magical and I can’t wait for more of the same this year.

A sparkling way to see in the New Year
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Slider_SamEvertonCamelliaNothing pleases me more than when clients ring with good news, especially when it’s news that they’ve been invited to judge Australia’s richest photographic prize, 2011 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize.Her work has been selected as a finalists in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize exhibitions.Well done Sam. It’s really great to see your profile increase so dramatically over the last number of years and is now resulting in industry recognition of what I’ve always know…. you are one amazingly talented artist. See you in Sydney in March x

Samantha Everton to judge 2011 Moran Prize
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10.12_OperaHouseClimbI was casually asked if I would like to climb to the top of the Sydney Opera House to oversee a PR job for Opera Australia. Are you kidding me…? It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I immediately said ‘yes’. The experience lived up to my expectations. Simply breath taking and something I will remember forever. Here’s a couple of happy snaps of me on my climb, grinning from ear to ear…

I just climbed the Opera House sails…
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Slider_OA MIdsumerNightsDream MS10(c)Jeff BusbyFor the past three weeks i’ve been working in Melbourne with Opera Australia. Yesterday I had a mega media call at Baz Lurhmann’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Sky News, SBS TV, Ch 10 News, The Age, The Herald Sun, mX Melbourne and many more all covering. I also had a multitude of preview interviews with ABC Melbourne Drive, 3MBS FM, JOY FM Radio NZ… and so on.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream captivates
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10.11_OAFootyI’m here in Melbourne for a few weeks with Opera Australia’s Melbourne Season. I had the pleasure of working with two very fit opera singers, Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Jud Arthur, who do a sterling job of dispelling the myth of what opera singers look like. We teamed them up with North Melbourne Football Club Vice-Captain Drew Petrie. The result was a very fine looking picture and story in the Herald Sun and a great afternoon had by all.


Opera stars tackle Melbourne Football Club
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I first met and worked with Sam in 2007. It was her Vintage Dolls series and I was instantly spell-bound. So much so that i bought one of her works, and so did my sister. Sam is at it again this year, with the announcement of her 2011 exhibition, Marionettes, on show in Queensland at Anthea Polson Art in March, then to Sydney at Dickerson Gallery in April 2011. Above is the first work of the series, titled Birthday Wish. Just lovely Sam

Samantha Everton announces title of next show
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I’ve always had a love of beautiful things for the home, be it an exquisite bouquet of flowers or hand-crafted designer cushion. Hence I jumped at the chance to work with Xavier&Me, helping them launch their brand into the Australian market. Withing hours of sending out the media release, my phone was running off the hook with calls from stylists and homes editors oo-ing and ah-ing over the designs. A telling sign. I’d say, that this company has success in its sights.

Xavier&Me launches into Australian market
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IMG_1374Okay so reality is I arranged a photo shoot with the Sydney Morning Herald today with the very talented, and entertaining, Anthony Warlow, for Opera Australia’s Pirates of Penzance. As soon as he put the costume on he transformed into character, sounding and acting like Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. It was a very entertaining morning, and even a few lucky children passing by got to meet a real-life pirate. Big thanks to Anthony for braving the water (boots and all) and the photographer who captured a great pic.


I stumbled across a pirate at the beach
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Sinewy lines, luminous colour and shimmering optical illusions: Eleni Nakopoulos’ debut exhibition explores the transient beauty of water and its impact on Australia’s landscape. Just Add Water is the culmination of a 15-year exploration for Eleni in finding her artistic voice and on 20 April 2010 she releases that voice when she opens her debut exhibition at The Depot Gallery in Waterloo, comprising nine masterful works.
Eleni’s motivation for this body of work sprang from the transformation that takes place when rain falls on cracked dry earth, turning its dormant potential into a pulsating vitality, an almost magical phenomenon captured with poignancy, singularity and beauty. 

Vibrant colour, twists and turns across the surface of these large shimmering paintings, creating an intriguing optical play that in each case secretes its subject in its web. Refocus, and suddenly a wild crane is seen drinking from a pond, or a wasp is caught hovering mid-air.
Read more in today’s Mosman Daily:

Tiny artist isn’t short on talent
Posted by admin on 22 April 2010

SydneyDanceCompanyFor as long as I can remember I have loved dancing. I started aged 5yrswith classes in Jazz, then Classical, Tap and Acrobatics. While I hung my dance shoes up aged 21yrs my love of the art form never waned, so it was a dream realised when I got to work with Sydney Dance Company on its season 3 in 2008, with guest choreographer Aszure Barton.

a dream realised
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